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Midsummer Night’s Dream

Grande Provance | Shanna Jones Photography

I am so appreciative for the beautiful people that get send my way, and by “beautiful” I am referring to their hearts, their spirit, the way they make us feel like family, the way they trust us, the many complements and genuine compassion for the amount of effort that go into their weddings. It is the reason we put in twenty five hour days, and over deliver every time. People, are the reason we do what we do.

The wedding of Maud & James was such a fairy tale. Meticulously & compassionately coordinated by Kirsty from The Aleit Group, it all came together so beautifully on Grande Provance earlier this year. From the first email from Maud, till the last little bit of detail was added to her tables – it was a humbling experience being part of their journey, their family and their love for each other.

These mind blowingly beautiful pictures by Shanna Jones are not staged, what you see is real, two people who genuinely love each other and the people that support them.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream brief, a floral wreath for each female guest, solid Eucalyptus and Olive runners on the tables….and a ceremony scene to die for. And, of course…..that Oscar de la Renta dress.


A big thank you to the following service providers who contributed

Coordination: The Aleit Group

Photographer: Shanna Jones Photography


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