Signature Home Range

the Pniel

a floral adventure

Now you can have Fleur le Cordeur flowers on your table permanently!

This design happened by accident. I was on my way home from a client meeting driving through Pniel when I spotted a cotton flower bush with flowers! Cotton flowers in the Western Cape, in May!! Too crazy. So, I obviously made a quick u-turn, drove in tried to “borrow” a flower from the bush when the owner caught me red handed. Instead of being angry with me, she wanted to know exactly what I intended to do with it, and I explained to her that I love flowers, and that this cotton flower will just be next to my bed in a special vase for my enjoyment. I could see she was intrigued, and that she liked me, and it didn’t take too long for her to offer her whole cotton flower bush to me, as well as offer to take me to her cousin who apparently has the most beautiful Dahlias in his garden …
So off we go, to her cousin, who really did have the most beautiful Dahlias!!! After half an hour of him telling me every single little detail about each variety, and a cup of tea later, as well as a boot full of cotton flowers and Dahlias … I was told with utmost sincerity that I have to meet their other cousin. He grows Giant chrysanthemums. I fell in love with this family, their sense of humour … their community … and just felt blessed to be part of this little adventure. Soon, we reached the other cousin, and I almost died of hyperventilation when I saw his flowers. The most beautiful Giant flowers I have ever seen. I left there with a boot, all three baby car seats, and a front seat full of flowers.
This design is a tribute to the people of Pniel! Who received me with such love, to many more years of friendship and crazy floral adventures! 


100% natural linen

Large Table cloth
3.9m x 2.7m
R6500 excl vat

Medium Table cloth
2.4m x 1.8m
R3500 excl vat

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