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Retro-Vintage Prettiness

Cavalli Stud Farm | Tasha Seccombe Photography

I thought the thank you note from the bride and groom is just perfect to sum this Cavalli wedding up.

“Dearest Heike,

We just feel like we can not thank you enough for what you have done for us. The memory of you coming into the room with the most beautiful bouquet – for me – will never leave me. I can still hear Yolande (Yolande du Toit) say “Thanks Heiks!” as my tears of joy ran down my cheeks and spoiled the make-up. Your compassionate and caring words as you try to explain to me how to hold and carry my bouquet, like a delicate baby.

That masterpiece in my hair I could not have imagined. I have never seen such beauty until the day of our wedding. Barely noticing the increases in weight on me head, but the scent of the flowers that surrounded me all night and that I can still smell.

I am getting goose bumps as I am writing this. There was a magnificent scent that is one of a kind, that was given to our wedding by you alone. It is the sweetness of the peonies, the fragrant hyacinths in total contrast with the beguiling oriental spices and all the South African wilderness I can not even begin to name…what a blessing you are! And the table set-up, everything I wanted and tried to explain in very broken English.

The hand folded Lotus flowers, I have never seen such beauty until our wedding day. All the woods, roses, proteas, grapes – a garden of Eden, for us. I kept on touching the decor all night long, just to make sure I soak up as much as I can.

You will be in our hearts forever, you never treated us as clients, but as friends, what you delivered was not something you deliver to clients, but to people you genuinely love and care for. You are right here in our hearts forever, for us it was not only our eyes you delighted, but our hearts you touched.

Your last sentence to me that day, about how much Stephan loves me, hugged not me but my soul. I have never heard such sincerity.

Forever grateful,

Martina & Stephan”

I loved every second of the two years we planned your wedding Martina & Stephan! Some times a little frustrating not knowing which direction we going, but then every time comforted by your trust in me and your willingness to be creative. I would do it again, a thousand times over, without any hesitation. Lots of love, Heike xx

Big thank you to the other amazing suppliers working together on this project, Valery from Agape Weddings for effect and supreme coordination, Tasha Seccumbe Photography for the incredible pics you about to delight in. The super cool lighting above table by Something Different!


A big thank you to the following service providers who contributed

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