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Cartel Rooftop Bar | Welovepictures

This couple. This venue. These textures and colours. A happy place for us.

Jeanne-Lois & Ryno, you two are beautiful! We were so honoured to have been part of your absolutely stunning (and so unique!) celebration. The Aleit Group did an incredible job planning and coordinate a very tricky flow of events, adding their special touch to pretty much everything on the day. Such a pleasure working with you guys, your professionalism and friendship is appreciated more than you know.

Our bride walked through the beautiful old Strand Street Lutheran Church, down the steps and met Ryno in the court yard at 71 Waterkant. Followed by a beautiful reception on the balcony of the Cartel Rooftop bar – an exquisite city setting fit for this funky couple.

Another firm favourite bridal bouquet for us. Just so alive and crazy.

Welovepictures, you guys are amazing. Very few could have taken shots of this particular whirlwind of textures, with such delicate precision, making it almost possible to smell the flowers through your pictures.

So happy to share this with you, enjoy.


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A big thank you to the following service providers who contributed

Coordination: The Aleit Group

Lighting: Something Different
0861 266 2378


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