Winter Inspiration

Rozendal 401 | Tasha Seccombe Photography

I am so honoured to exclusively planned and executed this gorgeousness for Wedding Inspirations Magazine. To be able to bring a team of individuals together that are so passionate and skilled in what they do is such an honour yet such a responsibility. Here is why.

Firstly because these professionals have seen it all, have dreamt it all and expect it all, and now we yet again have to come up with something fresh, new, that we believe hasn’t been seen or done in this way. Tasha you capture these products we all bring to the table in such a magnificently mature and classy way. I love that our shoots  always scream sophistication (even thought the theme sometimes can be really rustic) and that at the end of the day, no matter how much chaos happened on site, we produce images that make our audience feel happy – happy to be able to relate to our work, happy to be able to aspire to maybe even using our work as inspiration for their own weddings or events. Every time, I am blessed and proud to look back and think that we came up with a concept, we executed it with such style, and we always produce work that is easy on the eye, and really just simply beautiful to look at. And that is enough.

Secondly because for these concept shoots, I love working with my close friends instead of professional models, I love that you can see the insecurity and vulnerability in their eyes – the humility and nervousness – and as I am sure most of you know, this can either go really right, or really wrong. So far, it has always gone really right! My beautiful sister Silke and my beautiful friend Valery (who is a mama of a gorgeous boy Max!). You both are exquisite, not only on the outside but I pray that each person that looks at these images will see a small part of your hearts and spirits –  the warmth, the kindness, and the humility you girls bring to our work is priceless.

Thirdly, because I have stuck with the same suppliers for these concept/prediction shoots, and this too, could be considered a mistake. However, I get to build an incredible relationship with these gem of suppliers, and ultimately become bestest of friends. Kobus, you are super! Love your dresses, and love you more. Yolande, you have become one of my closest friends, you never judge, you never question, you just laugh (and cry!) with me. Your work is getting better and better, your confidence is growing and you are such an integral part of this team. Kate, thanks for always saying yes before we even ask! Love your enthusiasm, and your creativity, in my opinion this gazebo and table decor the best ever! ;)

Anzel, welcome to the team! We loved having you on board and looking to create much more magic in future!


A big thank you to the following service providers who contributed

+27 82 055 2355



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  1. Your work is so exciting…It is so beautiful and true… You are such a S.A design trail blazer and you make me want to perfect my craft to this level too!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration and beauty you and your team give to this world.
    Much Love


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